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“I am a passionate BBQ’er and keen to pass on the basics of BBQ and Outdoor Cooking to get people inspired to cook outdoors with confidence.” – Marcus Bawdon


Our Courses

BBQ Fundamentals

Where better to learn the basics of how to cook on a BBQ than CountryWoodSmoke HQ in deepest darkest Devon.

This course is intended for people who are looking to get into real BBQ, how to control heat in a BBQ, which fuel, smoke and food combinations work well.

BBQ Cooking & Baking – Sue Stoneman

Would you like to learn how to get the most out of learning to cook on your BBQ?

How about cooking a cake, bread or even a pavlova?

A few hours spent with Sue, here at the UKBBQ School, will inspire you to ‘fire up and get cooking’ a wide range of tasty seasonal dishes on different types of bbqs.

Intermediate BBQ Skills

The Intermediate BBQ Skills course is for those who are looking to step up their BBQ, and take their basic skills to another level.

An hour longer than the basics class, this will include baby back ribs, bacon weaving and how to make a fatty, BBQ scotch eggs, and there will also be a bit of reverse seared steak action.

Fire and Spice

Love eating Indian food? Want to learn how to work with spices on the BBQ?
Then why not join Nila Ross-Patel on the first of a series of upcoming Indian Cookery Sessions at UK BBQ SCHOOL!
Working with an experienced Indian Cookery Tutor, you will not only learn how to cook Indian food on a BBQ you will also be given the opportunity to make your own spice mix which will then be used to marinade your own Gujarati chicken skewers. Nila’s tutor and mentor is indeed her mother

“What a wonderful evening at CWS HQ! Marcus was the perfect host for a really enlightening gastronomic experience. The food was stunning – from the chicken thighs to the dirty hanger steak (and who knew you could do a perfect roast beef in a Weber?!). It’s given me so much more confidence to gently smoke meat on a few coals – rather than overpower with heat and wood!”

James from Devon

If you want to move on from burger & sausage and have the confidence to do so, this is the course for you. I highly recommend this course and looking forward to the next level when they become available. I’ll be cooking the things passed very soon……….roast beef with a dry rub and a hint of smoke here I come”

Steve from Newport

“Amazing experience Marcus. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, home and hospitality. Anyone thinking of doing this course, do it! I feel so charged with enthusiasm for outdoor cuisine. Bring on warmer days and late night outdoor parties with friends.”

Dan from Devon

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