Course details

BBQ Basics

Where better to learn the basics of how to cook on a BBQ than CountryWoodSmoke HQ in deepest darkest Devon.

This course is intended for people who are looking to get into real BBQ, how to control heat in a BBQ, which fuel, smoke and food combinations work well.

You will learn how to make a dry rub, and when best to apply it. When to apply a sauce or baste.

Simple BBQ dishes will be cooked such as chicken thighs, steaks and roasts.

The atmosphere is lovely and laid back, you will take lots of new ideas and techniques away to get you inspired to cook outdoors. The course will have 3 hours of teaching/cooking, and then an hour to enjoy eating the food we have cooked, chat and ask questions.

BBQ Basics Course Dates

The courses are intended to be short notice “pop up” style, if you can’t make a particular date, there will be others to book coming along soon. Please read the FAQ below for booking details. The BBQ Basics course is £80 per person, and includes plenty to eat on the day.

Please use contact form below to be kept informed of new course dates or to book in on classes.

Intermediate BBQ Skills

The cost for this will be £100 as it is an hour longer than the basics class, and will include baby back ribs, bacon weaving and how to make a fatty, and I will look to be doing BBQ scotch eggs, there will also be a bit of reverse seared steak action. This will include a full belly and a drink, beer, wine and soft drinks available.
The Intermediate BBQ Skills course is for those who are looking to step up their BBQ, and take their basic skills to another level.
All course dates currently fully booked but Further dates will be along over the summer. Please use contact form below to be added to waiting list.
Thank you for  your patience.

Please email using the contact form below if you are interested in a course either for yourself or a present, and I will let you know when more dates become available.